Social Security Numbers’ Search Can Protect Your life Better

Theft, fraud and most importantly identity theft happens to be the centre of all news channels and the news papers currently. The only difference is that, we actually read such stories that had happened to someone else, say “how sad” and move on with our lives. What we fail to realize is that the same thing could also possibly happen to any one of us on a future date. On closely scrutinizing the news, you would come to realize that the people who had fallen prey to such criminals were very much like yourself who had absolutely no idea as to how to protect themselves.
Thankfully for you, you still have the time to protect yourself because this particular piece is dedicated to help your protect yourself from criminals who could cheat you and leave you in a fix. The very best way to safeguard your interest, your family, your loved ones and your life would be to conduct a social security numbers’ search on every person who comes into your professional and personal life. At times, you as a business owner will have to recruit people on a regular basis, sadly not many such people are forthcoming with their resumes and some of the applicants would even hide some facts about them as they think these facts would make them lose the chance to get the job. Such facts could also be about the prison term that they had served or any other criminal activity in which their name was muddled into. All in all, these facts that people want to hide may just damage your interests.
If the crime committed by the person was something very simple and if it would not affect the work or personal life of yours, then the same can be forgiven or even overlooked. But there could be some times when a person was already convicted of fraud some few years back and if the same information had been withheld then it sure would affect your life in every unimaginable way possible. You should be very careful when dealing with them.
Thankfully, social security numbers’ can help you find out more about the person you are about to hire and make a prudent decision based upon the findings so that you could make a judgment on that particular person. There are many sites that are investigative in nature and that are known to conduct searches on social security numbers easily. If you take the time to look into the world of the internet, then you sure can find one site that would help you find out more about people with their social security numbers. So if you want to protect the life of yourself and your loved ones, do not hesitate to make a social security number search.

Criminal Records: How Conclusive are they?

One of the questions that might come into our minds, while checking a person’s background, before considering employment or some other form of relationship building is the question – how conclusive are criminal records? How do we determine the character of a person based on his or her past details in crime? Recently, a situation was faced, where the person in need of employment had excellent results in all the examinations he had ever taken, but because he had a problem with his records, he was not given the job. Though he was a deserving candidate, he was overlooked because of his criminal past.
However, the problem is that, most people do not clear up that issue and answer when they are asked. They rather hide it and think that what they think was not put up on their résumé or during the interview, cannot be found out. However, employers do not think like that, and in most cases, a basic as well as advanced background check immediately reveals the past of the person, and his/her involvement in some form of criminal activities.
How to Come to Conclusions from the Criminal Records?
When you are thinking about a person’s past records, it is crucial to see what kind of involvement he has had with the past? One of the best ways of evaluating the case is by reading up on the incident, checking the background of the story, and then cross questioning the person concerned about his or her involvement in the matter. First time violations or offences should be clarified before giving the person the job. Also, you would need to check the credibility of the story by calling up the concerned authorities and getting the impartial version of the story.
When Not to Overlook the Criminal Records
In case the person concerned has done the same kind of crime and has set a pattern, it is not a good idea to give that person any leeway. If you are interviewing an individual and you ask about his or her criminal records, you need to check for the credibility of the story in details. An in-depth research should be done before coming to any specific conclusions. You need to also ask for a second or third opinion if you do not seem to be convinced by the person’s dialogue about the incident. In the end, it is up to you to be convinced or not.
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When Marriage Records Come in Handy?

There are both local and national databases where you can find marriage records. You can readily do the work online without leaving the comfort of your home or office. These searches can help you in a number of different ways. Let’s take a closer look at their most common uses.
People Search
If you’ve lost track of an old friend and you are trying hard to find her, but she’s not on Facebook, you can readily search the marriage records to find her. If she has got married, her name will certainly pop up somewhere. You don’t have to worry about her having changed her maiden name because marriage licenses, certificates and other records contain the names of the couples before or at the time of the ceremony. Many documents contain their residence too. If you are lucky, your good old friend may still live where she got married. Even if this is not the case, it is certainly a good place to start.
Genealogy Research
You want to go back in time and learn more about your ancestors? The marriage records are a great place to start. They often contain the names of the parents of the bride and groom. This means that if you know your great-grandma’s name, you can readily learn the names of your great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather.
Going far back may be challenging, especially if the records which you are searching for are not online, but this could be a lot of fun too. You could go back to the place where your ancestors were originally and search the local clerk and church records to dig out something. One important thing to keep in mind about “field” search is that you may also be able to find information about marriages and not only in the personal records of the people who performed the ceremony.
Checking People in Your Life
Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who don’t hesitate to take advantage of people looking for love and companionship. If you have reasons to believe that your new partner is actually married to someone else, you can readily check him or her by going over the marriage records. This could be tricky in case the person comes from another place, but you can get some information in advance to narrow down your search. You should also note that you should not feel guilty about performing the search. It’s natural to want to have full confidence in the person that you are with.
Begin your search of the marriage records to discover the information which you are looking for.

The Best Public Records for Your Genealogy Research

It is natural to want to find out who your ancestors were and where they came from. This is now easier than ever before as you can access public records on the web. Take a look at some of the most valuable ones for genealogists and people who want to expand their family tree as a hobby.
Birth and Marriage Records
These public records are valuable because they contain the names of the parents. In birth certificates, you will find the names of the mother and the father of the child. This is how you can easily trace your bloodline before your grandparents and their parents. You can also find cousins whom you barely remember or haven’t met at all.
Marriage certificates are usually even more useful for genealogy research. This is because the older ones, in particular, contain the maiden name of the bride and the names of the parents of both the bride and groom. With these documents, you practically hit two birds with one stone as you can trace both sides of each family.
When you plan to use both types of vital public records, you should begin with the most recent birth ones and then use the names which you come across to find marriage licenses and certificates. This is a simple tactic which you can apply to get a great amount of information quickly. Still, you are free to organize your search in any way you like.
Census and Immigration Records
These public records help you to track the movements of your ancestors. If someone has moved in or out of your town, the data will help you to confirm this. With the immigration records, you will have an excellent chance of tracing your ancestors all the way to their country of origin. This will give you the opportunity to dig much deeper down into your ancestry. You should know that these general records are easily accessible online. In most cases, you can search them freely.
Helpful Research Tips
You should come up with a plan for your genealogy research in general and for your search of the public records in particular. It pays off to devote a considerable amount of time to the search as some documents take longer to retrieve. Before you begin, you must organize all the information which is available to you such as the names of more distant relatives. Make sure that you can spell them correctly as this is crucial for the end result. Knowing the years of events is also extremely helpful.

Common Marriage Records Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Thanks to the internet, you can find any type of information that you need very easily and quickly and marriage records are no exception to this rule. However, the searches which people perform don’t always go as smoothly as planned. Consider the mistakes which are made most often and what to do instead to get what you need in the shortest possible time.
Using Inaccurate Information
The main details which you need to enter when searching marriage records are the names of the bride and groom and the name of the city or town where they married. If you get any of these wrong, you will still have to wait for the search to be completed. Any fee which you will pay is typically non-refundable given that the error is from your side. How do you avoid this mistake?
Use only information which you are absolutely certain about. If you are not sure that the ceremony took place in the specific town, search the marriage records of the wider local area or the entire state. The other key thing is to double check that you have got the spelling right. It’s easy to misspell people’s names, especially when they are not particularly common.
Focusing on Marriage Licenses Only
While licenses can contain detailed information, they are not proof of marriage. They simply show that two people had the intention to marry one another. This may have never happened actually. That is why your search should always cover marriage certificates too. If you are performing people search, for example, and you find a license with detailed information, confirm the existence of a certificate. This will give you complete peace of mind that you are on the right track.
Exploring Only a Few Databases
This is a serious mistake, especially when you are searching for older marriage records. You can readily begin your search online and cover the registers of the local clerk’s office in the first place. If you don’t find anything or the information is very limited, you can readily check other sources. The local churches and other religious temples most certainly keep records of the marriage ceremonies that have taken place in them so they are worth checking out. You could also try to track down any personal records of the clerk or minister who has performed the ceremony. It should be easy to find the person or their ancestors on the social networks.
By avoiding these mistakes when searching marriage records, you will find exactly what you need fast.

What You Should Know about Accessing Court Records Online

We are used to getting any type of information quickly over the internet and the modern court records are no exception to this rule. You can readily access them online directly given that they are public. Of course, this isn’t as simple as performing a Google search and you should be well aware of this. Here are some important details and tips that you have to take into account before you begin.
The Records’ Age Matters
The latest court records are readily available online, but the big question is how far back they digitalization goes. Most courthouses started maintaining electronic databases around the start of the new millennium. This means that your search can go many years back. However, due to technological and/or financial restrictions the online database may have records from the last five, ten or fifteen years. It is a good idea to check this in advance to ensure that you won’t be wasting your time searching online.
If the courthouse has the documents which you are looking for in electronic form, but they are not available online, you can gain access to them directly on site. Alternatively, you can request copies of existing court records in paper form. Documents that are old enough to fall into the category of historical records are not stored and handled by courthouses. They are kept by the administrative bodies responsible for archiving public records and you can gain access through them. It is worth noting that many historical documents are available freely on the web.
Scope of the Information
You can expect online court records to contain the full information available to the public. They will not contain details and documents which have been sealed by the court either because of laws that apply to the particular case or because of a judge’s ruling. Usually, there is a clear account of what kind of information has been sealed.
Getting Started
Usually, you can search the court records directly via the respective court’s website. It is also possible to perform a national search if you don’t know the location, but this will take more time and effort, especially when it comes to narrowing down the results. Before you can access the database, you will be asked to read an agreement and confirm that you will follow it. You should get perfect understanding of it. In some cases, you will also be asked to create an account.
Finally, you should know that the access to court records is free. You will be charged a fee only for obtaining copies of documents.

Top Tools and Sources for Online People Search

Everyone’s online these days and it is possible to trace even people who are not active on the web or have deleted any profiles that you knew about. Where do you start your people search from, then? Check out the types of tools and sources which you can use to get the results which you are hoping for quickly.
Search Engines and Social Networks
The search engines like Google have become extremely powerful and can give you practically all the information about a person which is available on the web. For example, the conventional people search databases don’t typically have cell phone numbers because they are generally not subject to automatic disclosure like landline numbers and usually remain private. However, if the person who you want to find has posted their cell phone number voluntarily on the web, you will find this place in seconds just by pasting their number in the search bar.
It is equally easy to search any social network for a person. You just have to enter the details which you know about them in the search box. Make sure that you take advantage of the type of information which people would most likely share on the specific type of social network. People are more likely to share information about their family on Facebook and about their education on LinkedIn.
Specialized Websites and Search Engines
The sites feature detailed and up-to-date databases with publicly available information which you can search directly. It is easy to tell the legitimate ones. The specialized engines for people search work in pretty much the same way, but they can typically retrieve information from the entire web and not only from a single source. Whether you are using a specialized website or tool remember to follow the instructions and recommendations of the service provider to ensure that you will get what you need fast.
Public Records of Different Types
You can readily use census records to find the location of a person that you have lost track of. Similarly, if you know that this person has got married in a particular location, you can request a copy of the marriage certificate to obtain more details about him or her. Divorce records are even more detailed as they usually include the names of the former spouses and of their children too.
Finally, no matter which tools and sources you plan to use for people search, you should never enter sensitive private information such as the person’s social security number.

3 Tactics for Active People Search

You try to look up a person online, but your efforts lead you to a dead end. In this situation, the only solution is to make your people search active, meaning that you will take direct effort to track down the person instead of relying on online databases and information available on various website. Check out three active search approaches which have been tested and proven to work.
Social Network Posts
You can readily create a short post explaining who you are searching for and why and post it on the social networks where you have a profile asking people to help you. You should include the most important details that you know such as name, age, education and/or previous employers. Including a picture could be particularly helpful. Just make sure that you don’t share sensitive private information in your people search. This is crucial no matter which approach you adopt.
You should focus on triggering people’s emotions with your request for help. If you are searching for an old friend or a relative, for example, you can say how much you miss him or her. You should also be clear about what you want people to do – ask them to share the post and to get back with any information that they may have immediately. Just make sure that they will approach you via a private chat when they have details to share.
Online Ads
Classified ad websites, white page sites and sometimes even online people search databases give you the opportunity to place an ad for finding a person. The rules are pretty much similar to those for creating a social network post. You just have to be more succinct as there is usually less space available with an ad. In this case, you may also have to leave your contact details. Ensure that they are correct. Additionally, you should be more careful when a person approaches you regarding the ad, saying they have information which could be helpful.
Asking the Neighbors
If you have the previous address of the person that you are looking for, but they no longer live there, you may be able to get useful information from their neighbors with active people search. Just use the address with the street name, but without the number to get their contact details available online. Then you can approach them directly explaining the situation and asking them to share any information which they might have.
Last, but not least, remember that people who are genuinely trying to help you in your people search would not ask for money to give you information.

How Court Records Fit into Background Checks

The purpose of the typical background check is to determine how reliable a person is when they have applied for a job or a tenancy. The information for it is extracted from various types of sources including court records. Find out more about the nature of these records and how they are searched.
What Court Records Are Included
The first ones on the list are naturally criminal records. They contain details on a person’s criminal history such as arrests, charges, convictions and paroles. It is important to note that the information available to private persons and organizations entitled to running background checks is more detailed compared to what’s available to the general public. It should be sufficient for an employer or a landlord to make a final decision regarding a person. Of course, equality laws and regulations have to be taken into consideration as well.
Court records of bankruptcy cases are also helpful and are normally covered by a background check. This is because they could be extremely important, especially when it comes to a person applying for a job in finance or for a tenancy right after such an event in their life. The records of such cases are usually the most easily accessible.
How the Search Is Conducted
It is possible for you to search the court records yourself as part of a background check. You just need the name of the person. When you do this, you may get multiple search results. From then on, you need to note down the number of the cases that you’d like to look at in detail and use them to retrieve the actual files.
If you are covering a more recent period of time such as the past decade, for example, you can expect all the files which could be of help to you to be available online. If you want to go further back, you may have to visit the courthouse in person to conduct the search. This should be fairly easy.
As you can see, conducting a search the court records as part of a background check could take a considerable amount of time and effort. That is why most employers and landlord prefer to use services which are especially designed for the purpose. A specialized search covers a lot more details than those found in criminal and other records kept by courts. You can also get verification of the person’s education and previous employment, for example. This will help you make an even better informed decision eventually.