Are Past Criminal Records Reliable Predictors Of The Future

Background checks are an integral part of every recruitment process; without which, the company the hiring company will be exposed to a risk of highly criminals who may in future do things that would compromise with the continuity of the company. For instance, a company can hire, unknowingly, an accountant who was dismissed by their former employer for engaging in fraudulent activities. Chances are the candidate, when hired into the organization, will get involved in fraudulent activities. For this reason, it becomes necessary to conduct a thorough background search on the candidate. The inquiry involves looking into criminal records, financial records, commercial records and communicating with the candidate’s former employer.

Of late, companies have resorted to using criminal records as a major determinant whether a candidate qualifies for a job or not. They believe that an individual’s past is clear indicator of his or her future. It is believed that if they were involved in criminal or other mischievous in the past, there are higher chances that will repeat this in future. Although this could have some truth in it, employers should gather more information about the situation that led to the candidate’s conviction.

Past criminal records may not be a reliable predictor of a candidate’s future deeds. It would be very unfair to deny an opportunity to a person who has since reformed. One may have been involved in a criminal activity early in his life but has since reformed. Many organisations are not ready to accept the fact that people change for the better. The mere fact that your name is among the names of criminals, to them, is enough reason for denying you a chance regardless of whether you have reformed or not.
Sometimes, a person’s names mistakenly find their way into criminal records without their knowledge. When a background check is performed on them, the hiring company will see the candidate’s name among criminals and most likely, they will not seek for any explanation from him or her. Most of the time, the candidate will not know the reason behind his rejection on the position. The company will not want to know whether the name was included there maliciously or not.

Hiring organisations should ask for additional information from the candidate. This information, combined with the records will enable the organisation have a complete and accurate assessment of the candidate.

Criminal records check will provide in-depth information about a person’s background, and of all, it will keep your organization on the safe side when hiring people.  You can get more information right now by clicking here.