Can Criminal Records be overlooked by Employers?

The question often arises in our minds, is that can criminal records be overlooked by employers? Imagine yourself, as a person with an impeccable record in academics, but with a slightly questionable past, where you have had a criminal or arrest record. You might dismiss it as youthful exuberance, but the past always seem to catch up on you when your employers consistently overlook you in favour of others. Even though you probably have better qualifications than they, you are ignored soundly because you probably once had a past.

Tips to Make Your Employers Overlook Your Criminal Records

1. Do not hide your problem. The biggest problem is that people often tend to hide their criminal records, and in criminate themselves in the eyes of their employer, who see it as lying. There is nothing more disheartening for any employer to realize that he cannot have faith in his employee. Lying would only add to that. So one of the best things you can do is to answer clearly about the past.

2. Do not leave them with any questions unanswered. The truth, however unsavoury, is still the truth, and lying would get you nowhere. So be absolutely matter-of-fact about the incident. If you speak about it from an impartial point of view, it is more welcome for the employers. They would be judging you, not just on your ability to speak about the matter, but also to not gloss over the matter. If you have committed some form of crime, or been part of it, then come forward and speak about it. And answer as many questions as you can about the incident, to make sure that the employer gets to know every bit of the situation and your involvement in it.

3. Do not blame other people. Blaming, essentially, is seen as a characteristic weakness, so though you might be right in blaming, do not do it. It makes the employer think that you would not be able to handle the job, and the moment you go wrong, you would accuse others. Accusations disrupt teams, and you must start with being a team player. Rather, being slightly self-depreciative, and giving the dry details, aligned with the story with the police, would be a better idea any day.

All these tips are quite easy to remember, and they would actually help you with job helps if you have criminal records in your past.