What Does a Background Check Include?

When you plan to have personal or business relationship with a person, you would like to know as much about her past as possible. While sometimes, it is sufficient to ask questions directly, this is not always possible, permitted or desirable. In such cases, a background check is used. It has become a traditional part of the recruitment process in many public and private organizations. It is used by a growing number of private persons as well. Find out what type of information it can provide.
The Core Information
As part of a standard background check, the criminal records are searched. If the person has committed any criminal offenses, they will be shown in the report along with the date and place of commitment. Usually, all offenses including driving under influence are included.
The financial records are also searched as part of the check. This search reveals the credit history of the person. Any judgements against her name will show up. In general, the information about the person’s finances will be quite thorough.
Valuable Details
It has become common practice for the background check to include identity verification. Typically, it involves looking into birth records. If these are not publically available for reasons such as protection in case of adoption, other methods are used. The current and any previous addresses of the person are verified as well. It is perfectly possible for the check to begin with these verifications.
Most checks include a lot more details than information on the criminal and financial background of the person. Usually, the extra information which is collected depends on the needs of the person or organization that requires it. When the check is performed on a job applicant as part of the recruitment process, it is focused on employment history as well. The search covers the previous jobs held by the person and employment gaps as well. Often, the educational background of the applicant is also checked. This is particularly applicable to positions for which master’s or doctoral degree is required.
When the check is performed on a person that you have a private relationship with, it will include details regarding her private life. Since marriage and divorce records are public, the results will provide information on all such events in the person’s life. Due to the fact that divorce records are usually quite thorough, they can provide information about any children which the person has.
In conclusion, the background check can provide all sorts of details on a person’s past. It all depends on the needs and requirements which you have.