Who Can Run a Background Check on You?

It is normal for people to worry that a background check performed on them can reveal sensitive information and put them in an awkward position. That is why practically everyone wants to know who can check them. Get the detailed answer here.
People Who Receive Your Consent
Most state laws are clear that organizations and individuals can perform a background check on you after they obtain your permission, which you typically have to give them in writing. Sometimes, you may have to provide consent to the different parts of the check separately. In general, the organizations and people who run such checks include employers, landlords, banks and other financial institutions. In the employer category, you will find not only companies, but also government agencies and people who are hiring house help.
It is worth noting that a background check is becoming an ever more common part of the recruitment process in practically all industries. This is because these checks are faster and cheaper now than ever before and because even small businesses don’t want to take risk which they can eliminate early on.
Given all this, you should not feel personally offended if you are asked to give your consent to such a check. However, in case you feel it is too interfering into your personal life, you can say no and walk away. Still, to avoid ruining your chances of getting a job or the rental property that you want, your best bet is to check what the legal requirements for a background check are in your state and county. Additionally, there are opportunities for tracking the check run on you and you can readily take advantage of them.
Tracking a Background Check Run on You
The services, which give people this option, are growing in number. When you have signed up for such a service, you will receive an alert when a person or organization initiates a background check on you. When the check uncovers information, which could be a cause for concern, you will be alerted about it and given the chance to explain the situation and the circumstances which have led to it. In case it is an error, you will be able to clear it. Such services are fair to both the people who run the check and to those who are checked.
Overall, you should always be honest when applying for a job, tenancy or loan. If you know that something not so pleasant may come up during the background check, share it with the person who will run it and explain your side of the story.