3 Tactics for Active People Search

You try to look up a person online, but your efforts lead you to a dead end. In this situation, the only solution is to make your people search active, meaning that you will take direct effort to track down the person instead of relying on online databases and information available on various website. Check out three active search approaches which have been tested and proven to work.
Social Network Posts
You can readily create a short post explaining who you are searching for and why and post it on the social networks where you have a profile asking people to help you. You should include the most important details that you know such as name, age, education and/or previous employers. Including a picture could be particularly helpful. Just make sure that you don’t share sensitive private information in your people search. This is crucial no matter which approach you adopt.
You should focus on triggering people’s emotions with your request for help. If you are searching for an old friend or a relative, for example, you can say how much you miss him or her. You should also be clear about what you want people to do – ask them to share the post and to get back with any information that they may have immediately. Just make sure that they will approach you via a private chat when they have details to share.
Online Ads
Classified ad websites, white page sites and sometimes even online people search databases give you the opportunity to place an ad for finding a person. The rules are pretty much similar to those for creating a social network post. You just have to be more succinct as there is usually less space available with an ad. In this case, you may also have to leave your contact details. Ensure that they are correct. Additionally, you should be more careful when a person approaches you regarding the ad, saying they have information which could be helpful.
Asking the Neighbors
If you have the previous address of the person that you are looking for, but they no longer live there, you may be able to get useful information from their neighbors with active people search. Just use the address with the street name, but without the number to get their contact details available online. Then you can approach them directly explaining the situation and asking them to share any information which they might have.
Last, but not least, remember that people who are genuinely trying to help you in your people search would not ask for money to give you information.