Top Tools and Sources for Online People Search

Everyone’s online these days and it is possible to trace even people who are not active on the web or have deleted any profiles that you knew about. Where do you start your people search from, then? Check out the types of tools and sources which you can use to get the results which you are hoping for quickly.
Search Engines and Social Networks
The search engines like Google have become extremely powerful and can give you practically all the information about a person which is available on the web. For example, the conventional people search databases don’t typically have cell phone numbers because they are generally not subject to automatic disclosure like landline numbers and usually remain private. However, if the person who you want to find has posted their cell phone number voluntarily on the web, you will find this place in seconds just by pasting their number in the search bar.
It is equally easy to search any social network for a person. You just have to enter the details which you know about them in the search box. Make sure that you take advantage of the type of information which people would most likely share on the specific type of social network. People are more likely to share information about their family on Facebook and about their education on LinkedIn.
Specialized Websites and Search Engines
The sites feature detailed and up-to-date databases with publicly available information which you can search directly. It is easy to tell the legitimate ones. The specialized engines for people search work in pretty much the same way, but they can typically retrieve information from the entire web and not only from a single source. Whether you are using a specialized website or tool remember to follow the instructions and recommendations of the service provider to ensure that you will get what you need fast.
Public Records of Different Types
You can readily use census records to find the location of a person that you have lost track of. Similarly, if you know that this person has got married in a particular location, you can request a copy of the marriage certificate to obtain more details about him or her. Divorce records are even more detailed as they usually include the names of the former spouses and of their children too.
Finally, no matter which tools and sources you plan to use for people search, you should never enter sensitive private information such as the person’s social security number.

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