Criminal Records: How Conclusive are they?

One of the questions that might come into our minds, while checking a person’s background, before considering employment or some other form of relationship building is the question – how conclusive are criminal records? How do we determine the character of a person based on his or her past details in crime? Recently, a situation was faced, where the person in need of employment had excellent results in all the examinations he had ever taken, but because he had a problem with his records, he was not given the job. Though he was a deserving candidate, he was overlooked because of his criminal past.
However, the problem is that, most people do not clear up that issue and answer when they are asked. They rather hide it and think that what they think was not put up on their résumé or during the interview, cannot be found out. However, employers do not think like that, and in most cases, a basic as well as advanced background check immediately reveals the past of the person, and his/her involvement in some form of criminal activities.
How to Come to Conclusions from the Criminal Records?
When you are thinking about a person’s past records, it is crucial to see what kind of involvement he has had with the past? One of the best ways of evaluating the case is by reading up on the incident, checking the background of the story, and then cross questioning the person concerned about his or her involvement in the matter. First time violations or offences should be clarified before giving the person the job. Also, you would need to check the credibility of the story by calling up the concerned authorities and getting the impartial version of the story.
When Not to Overlook the Criminal Records
In case the person concerned has done the same kind of crime and has set a pattern, it is not a good idea to give that person any leeway. If you are interviewing an individual and you ask about his or her criminal records, you need to check for the credibility of the story in details. An in-depth research should be done before coming to any specific conclusions. You need to also ask for a second or third opinion if you do not seem to be convinced by the person’s dialogue about the incident. In the end, it is up to you to be convinced or not.
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