When Marriage Records Come in Handy?

There are both local and national databases where you can find marriage records. You can readily do the work online without leaving the comfort of your home or office. These searches can help you in a number of different ways. Let’s take a closer look at their most common uses.
People Search
If you’ve lost track of an old friend and you are trying hard to find her, but she’s not on Facebook, you can readily search the marriage records to find her. If she has got married, her name will certainly pop up somewhere. You don’t have to worry about her having changed her maiden name because marriage licenses, certificates and other records contain the names of the couples before or at the time of the ceremony. Many documents contain their residence too. If you are lucky, your good old friend may still live where she got married. Even if this is not the case, it is certainly a good place to start.
Genealogy Research
You want to go back in time and learn more about your ancestors? The marriage records are a great place to start. They often contain the names of the parents of the bride and groom. This means that if you know your great-grandma’s name, you can readily learn the names of your great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather.
Going far back may be challenging, especially if the records which you are searching for are not online, but this could be a lot of fun too. You could go back to the place where your ancestors were originally and search the local clerk and church records to dig out something. One important thing to keep in mind about “field” search is that you may also be able to find information about marriages and not only in the personal records of the people who performed the ceremony.
Checking People in Your Life
Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who don’t hesitate to take advantage of people looking for love and companionship. If you have reasons to believe that your new partner is actually married to someone else, you can readily check him or her by going over the marriage records. This could be tricky in case the person comes from another place, but you can get some information in advance to narrow down your search. You should also note that you should not feel guilty about performing the search. It’s natural to want to have full confidence in the person that you are with.
Begin your search of the marriage records to discover the information which you are looking for.

Why Someone Might Need Divorce Records

A divorce certificate is an important record required for many legal transactions- be it changing your name to custody arrangement etc. Taking a divorce is not as easy as cutting up the wedding certificate. It needs one or both sides to present petition to the court for divorce decree. Once the parties come to an agreement or when the judge gives his judgment, the divorce gets finalized and the parties get a divorce certificate. This then serves as a proof of your divorce being official. In case you lose your divorce certificate or want to know about information of someone else’s divorce, the divorce records are available for you.
But before you request for the divorce records, you will have to get details about the divorced parties. You need to know the full names of the people involved in the divorce, their state or country where the marriage was dissolved.
Surely the divorce records prove that you are divorced but they are important for various legal things as well like changing your name. For instance, to change your name and to be considered it as legal, the Social Security Administration needs you to file for a Social security card with your local SSA. Among other legal documents, applying for name change with the SSA office needs documents that prove the change of name and this is when you will need the divorce record for sure.
Many states also need a copy of your divorce record for motor and driver license transactions related to name change. Like if you wish to change your name on the identification card, driver’s license or vehicle registration, your DMV agency will ask for your divorce record.
Also, At the same time, many states also require your divorce record any time you renew or apply for a duplicate driver’s license or identification card; if you’ve ever been in the system with a different name, your DMV agency might want to see the paperwork trail leading to your current legal name.
Why Someone Might Need Divorce Records
There are several reasons why you might want to request a certified copy of your own divorce records, including:
• You want to change your name.
• You want to get remarried.
• You need proof of visitation schedule for school or police.
• You want to start child support or alimony withholding.
• You need it for income tax purposes.
• You need to transfer property.
• You need it for creditors.

Some helpful tips for retrieving public divorce records include:
• Do as much research as possible before contacting the court in which the divorce occurred.
• Contact the county clerk office of the county in which the divorce occurred. In some areas, all civil records of the county Official Records Index are maintained in this office.
• It can take some time getting a live person to help with your request for public divorce records in some situations. Frequently, the fastest way to get the divorce records you’re looking for involves sending a fax or certified request.

Where to Find Marriage Records

Whether you want to find more about your ancestors or to check if your new partner has been married before, you can search the marriage records which are kept by authorities for legal, statistical and other purposes. The big question is where to find these records. Now you have more sources available to you than ever before. The access to the information which you require is a lot easier than you might think.
Online Databases
Many marriage records have become digitalized and are readily available online. There are plenty of commercial and state databases which you can search directly. In cases when the records have not been digitalized, you can search indexes to identify the existence of the records which you need. The indexes will show you where the physical documents can be found. Since these documents belong to the state, you cannot receive the originals directly.
There are two ways to proceed once you establish the presence of the documents which you are searching for. The first one is simpler and more straightforward. You need to make a request to the respective authority or organization to send you copies of the documents. You can receive digital copies in a matter of hours and even minutes. You can also get hard copies in the mail if you are prepared to wait slightly longer. The alternative option is to visit the place where the records are kept and request to see them and get copies directly. You may not be able to view the actual documents, but you will certainly receive copies.
Traditional Sources
If you decide to skip the online search for marriage records, you can go directly to the institution or organization where they are kept the request to see them. This is an easy option if you know exactly where the documents are kept and the place is near you. This is often not the case, however. It is highly unlikely for everyone in your family to have lived in the same town for many generations. Similarly, as time passes records are moved to different locations. Furthermore, some towns which had many people one hundred or even fifty years ago may not exist today. All of these factors pose challenges and risks to traditional searches.
Overall, you will certainly benefit from using modern technology to search for marriage records. It will save you time and effort for sure. More importantly, you will have higher chances of finding the documents which you are looking for.

An Overview Of Marriage Records

Marriage is a very important event in every culture and society. Added to this is the fact that marriage has always been a very public event. Even today the cases are rare where the marriage ceremony is a small or very private event. When it comes to defining the perfect wedding, the picture is always of a very elaborate event.
The marriage records have a history of their own. Since a very long time these records have been maintained and have been part of the history for a very long time. In fact it is these very records that help in tracing the roots of many individuals. People can look up the church records before the civil authorities took over the system and they will find some really interesting records.

With time many different additions and changes have been made in the system of the marriage records and now the form of this document might not resemble with that of its ancestors. The main reason being that now the marriage records are used for official purposes mostly to take care of the legal dealings in a marriage. There are some categories and they mainly revolve around the fact that when the couple announces the marriage to the public. Then there is the part where couples choose to sign a bond. The bond is usually signed for financial protect in case the marriage falls apart and is mostly there when one of the partners is earning a lot more money than the other.
The registration of the marriage is also a very important feature of the marriage records. In fact in some areas it is in itself treated as a small ceremony where the family gets together and celebrates. However, this is obviously not mandatory and people can do this in a private manner as well.

Another unique feature of the marriage records today is that a lot of local considerations are put in place. As a result many a times even though if the basics are the same there might be differences in the detailed laws and regulations when it comes to managing these records. So in case one is planning to make a location shift for the marriage documentation , then one should make sure that one gets a detailed information with regards to the regulations that are implemented there so that the situation is pretty clear and as per one’s requirements.

Get To Know The Whole Truth About Your Spouse By Use Of Marriage Records

Before you settle down with your spouse as a family, you need to have accurate information about her past. You want to know how many times he or she has been married before, if he has. By knowing this information, you will be able to make informed decisions on whether to settler with them or not. This information can be gotten from the spouse herself, her friends or from Marriage Records maintained by public offices that deal with registration of public marriages. These records are the most reliable sources and are easily accessible to all.

Most of the times, people would want to keep away some facts from their spouses. They do this to avoid influencing the spouses’ decision. When you have a feeling that your spouses is hiding information relating earlier marriages and divorces, it is advisable to seek out this information from other sources and the most reliable sources are Marriage Records maintained by registrar of marriages of different states. Only public marriage information can be sourced from these offices; marriages that were duly registered and a certificate of registration issued.

Of late, there has been a rise in the number of private investigators who privately look into the spouses past. The investigators task is to get to identify if your spouse had earlier married or is currently married to someone else. In today’s world complexities, there are chances of a man or woman getting married to you while he or she is married to someone else somewhere. They may do this out of many personal reasons. The common reason is the benefits that would accrue if he or she asks for a divorce after they have stayed with you for some time. The private investigators use both Marriage Records and other sources to get the information required.

Before relying on any information you get about your spouse, to make a decision, try to look at the credibility of the source. It would be very unfortunate to use information supplied by jealous friends, friends who do not want to see you together. To make sure you have the most accurate information, use marriage records, as the information gotten from the records is supported by documentary evidence. Having accurate information in is a key factor in making decision whether it is a personal or business decision.