Top Tools and Sources for Online People Search

Everyone’s online these days and it is possible to trace even people who are not active on the web or have deleted any profiles that you knew about. Where do you start your people search from, then? Check out the types of tools and sources which you can use to get the results which you are hoping for quickly.
Search Engines and Social Networks
The search engines like Google have become extremely powerful and can give you practically all the information about a person which is available on the web. For example, the conventional people search databases don’t typically have cell phone numbers because they are generally not subject to automatic disclosure like landline numbers and usually remain private. However, if the person who you want to find has posted their cell phone number voluntarily on the web, you will find this place in seconds just by pasting their number in the search bar.
It is equally easy to search any social network for a person. You just have to enter the details which you know about them in the search box. Make sure that you take advantage of the type of information which people would most likely share on the specific type of social network. People are more likely to share information about their family on Facebook and about their education on LinkedIn.
Specialized Websites and Search Engines
The sites feature detailed and up-to-date databases with publicly available information which you can search directly. It is easy to tell the legitimate ones. The specialized engines for people search work in pretty much the same way, but they can typically retrieve information from the entire web and not only from a single source. Whether you are using a specialized website or tool remember to follow the instructions and recommendations of the service provider to ensure that you will get what you need fast.
Public Records of Different Types
You can readily use census records to find the location of a person that you have lost track of. Similarly, if you know that this person has got married in a particular location, you can request a copy of the marriage certificate to obtain more details about him or her. Divorce records are even more detailed as they usually include the names of the former spouses and of their children too.
Finally, no matter which tools and sources you plan to use for people search, you should never enter sensitive private information such as the person’s social security number.

3 Tactics for Active People Search

You try to look up a person online, but your efforts lead you to a dead end. In this situation, the only solution is to make your people search active, meaning that you will take direct effort to track down the person instead of relying on online databases and information available on various website. Check out three active search approaches which have been tested and proven to work.
Social Network Posts
You can readily create a short post explaining who you are searching for and why and post it on the social networks where you have a profile asking people to help you. You should include the most important details that you know such as name, age, education and/or previous employers. Including a picture could be particularly helpful. Just make sure that you don’t share sensitive private information in your people search. This is crucial no matter which approach you adopt.
You should focus on triggering people’s emotions with your request for help. If you are searching for an old friend or a relative, for example, you can say how much you miss him or her. You should also be clear about what you want people to do – ask them to share the post and to get back with any information that they may have immediately. Just make sure that they will approach you via a private chat when they have details to share.
Online Ads
Classified ad websites, white page sites and sometimes even online people search databases give you the opportunity to place an ad for finding a person. The rules are pretty much similar to those for creating a social network post. You just have to be more succinct as there is usually less space available with an ad. In this case, you may also have to leave your contact details. Ensure that they are correct. Additionally, you should be more careful when a person approaches you regarding the ad, saying they have information which could be helpful.
Asking the Neighbors
If you have the previous address of the person that you are looking for, but they no longer live there, you may be able to get useful information from their neighbors with active people search. Just use the address with the street name, but without the number to get their contact details available online. Then you can approach them directly explaining the situation and asking them to share any information which they might have.
Last, but not least, remember that people who are genuinely trying to help you in your people search would not ask for money to give you information.

People Search Tips for Finding Relatives

You remember that cousin who you used to play with as a child and are eager to find him or her, but your immediate family doesn’t seem to know much. The next logical thing to do will be to will be to perform people search. This is now easier than ever before given all the effective search tools and databases available online. Use the following advice to find the person that you are looking for without wasting time.
Use the Right Last Name
When people are searching for their relatives, they are told to use their family name only and see what comes up. This is a good basic strategy, but you need to make it more precise. Start by figuring out which side of the family the relative comes from. If the person is from your mother’s side, you should use her maiden name. This should get you on the right track at the very beginning of your people search.
In general, it is always more challenging to find female relatives because when they get married, they usually change their last name. That is why it makes sense to do some digging in advance. If you are searching for your aunt, for example, you can ask a close family member about the person who she married and his last name.
Achieve Precision through Vital Records
These include birth, death, divorce and marriage records and are truly invaluable when it comes to finding more distant relatives via people search. Using the example above, if you cannot find information about your aunt’s last name after she’s got married, you can request a copy of her marriage certificate using her maiden name. Birth and divorce records are helpful for finding the children of relatives whose names you know. The death records will help you determine if a relative has passed away.
Try to Pinpoint Locations
The truth is that many people across the country can have the same name, especially if both their first and last name are quite common. That is why it is crucial for you to narrow down your search by using important locations such as those of births, marriages, education and employment. Entering a location will help you narrow down your search immensely and save time. You can use the census records to track down a person who you think has moved to a different place.
It is easy and quick to find relatives when you use the right input information for people search.

What Kind of Information Can You Get with People Search?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you no longer have to visit different places and go through endless paper directories to conduct people search. You can do all the work online in hours and even minutes rather than in days. One of the main questions which you are naturally asking yourself is how effective and thorough the online search will be. Find out more about the details which you can expect to discover.
Personal Information
When you search the special databases which are based on telephone directories and other sources, you can find the telephone number and address of a person if you have his name. Other details such as email address may also pop up. You just have to keep in mind that some people refuse to have their contact details included in such directories. It is also important that you check how often the respective database for people search is updated.
The public records, which are the most reliable sources available, provide personal details such as birth date, address, spouse name and children’s names. Keep in mind that all the information is correct at the time of entry of the respective documents into the record. There may be changes afterwards.
The social networks are great sources of up-to-date personal details from location and employer to family members, friends, pets and interests. You just need to watch out for fake profiles. Additionally, you will have to approach the person directly unless the profile is public and can be seen by everyone.
Professional Information
With a simple online people search, you can find plenty of professional information on virtually anyone. This is because most business professionals nowadays use the web for communicating with clients and for attracting new ones. You can find their contact details plus their position and company with a simple traditional web search.
The social networks which are designed especially for connecting professionals are excellent sources of professional information as well. The typical individual profile contains a lot more details than the traditional corporate website. You will find information on the person’s educational background and past employment. The education details can be particularly useful for confirming that this is the person that you are looking for when there is no picture available. Again, you should be careful about fake profiles which can be quite misleading.
Overall, you can get plenty of personal and professional information via online people search. It is important to compare the details from different sources to confirm that they are really accurate.

Death records to be useful in many ways

Death records are helpful since they could provide complete information about a person in almost all respects. There are many reasons why the records are still alive even after the person is expired. All the information is useful in different ways to different sectors of people. For example, the main information may be useful for members of family who would like to claim a particular amount of money from an insurance company. Such information is provided only with family members as they may be confidential matters present in the records which are only feasible and helpful to family members.

The other place where death records of a person may be useful ease for carrying out research on a particular gene. With the increasing gene therapy and genetic engineering, many researchers carry out different studies and predict theories in order to arrive at a particular conclusion depending on the genetic growth in a particular human being. Obtaining information about a person from death records can be a tedious task as there are many sectors present under this particular section where complete details of store according to gender, age, location of death, reason of death and locality. If a person who is willing to obtain complete information about a person it is best advisable to approach Department of health or social security administration.

Upon reaching this particular office you’re required to submit a requisition form, and you need to fill in it with all the information about yourself and the relation between you and the deceased person that you make a death records search on. This helps to record for administration so as to understand why many people are asking about death information for a particular person. After making the required payment along with the requisition form, the concerned authorities will provide you the time period wherein you can walk in a game in order to obtain the information that you have asked for a particular person.

The other place where you can obtain complete information about a person from death records is to look out for free public directories where numerous files are stored which are completely made public. Though all the death records are legally made public there are fewer questions in instances where few of the case files are kept confidential. Many websites which offer you accurate information from death records would ask you for a payment as fee. And the reason is that in order to provide you the required information accurately, such websites will spend some money in keeping on updating their information in sync with the government’s database.
It is obvious that death records are really helpful in finding information of a person, and you may choose the way you prefer to conduct it, both free and fee-based.

What Information Can You Find with Online People Search?

You can find a huge amount of information about any person online. You just need to know how to perform people search effectively. Find out more about the details which you can get on the web. You will be surprised by the volume of the information that you can access in minutes without any effort.

Contact Details

There are specialized people search engines which will provide the contact details of a person if you enter their name. These details typically include home address and work address, home and work telephone numbers and cell phone number and email address. You can readily contact the person straight away. This is extremely useful for business owners who want to get in touch with clients that they have previously lost contact with. It can help you reunite with friends, classmates, college roommates and distant relatives.

Still, you should keep in mind that in some cases not all of these details may be available. In rare cases, some of the details may be incorrect. It all depends on the comprehensiveness of the searched database and on how frequently it is updated. Given this, it is best to use a reliable service which has been tested and proven to work effectively.

Public Record Details

You can also do a people search with the use of the public records which have been uploaded on the web. Now most states have their records online and they can be accessed via a specialized website which provides this type of service. You can check birth, marriage, divorce and death records as well as criminal records.

Searching these records is extremely useful when you are hiring a person to work for you or when you are dating someone that you have met online. You just need to know the full name of the person and details about their past will be available to you in seconds. After doing the check, you will have peace of mind that the person who you are dealing with can be trusted.

Personal Details

You can find plenty of personal details about virtually any person if you do a people search using the search engines like Google, the social networks like Facebook or a service especially designed for the purpose. That way, you can find articles and news about the person and about any achievements which they have. You can readily access their social network profile if it is made available to the public. This will give you the opportunity to learn many details about their work, family and friends, hobbies and many more things.

Use the online people search tools and services to find any person that you are looking for.


People Search Eases Doubts While Employment

One of the things that a lot of companies ask you about is your social presence. Gone are those days, when you could do a number of illicit things and get away. Thanks to the society being open about a lot of things, it is incredibly easy for anyone to find you, or trace you. With a simple people search, prospective employers can find out all about you, and know what you had for dinner last night. The internet is a place which leaves footprints everywhere, and that makes it dead simple for anyone to trace you via that source.

When a prospective employer screens you as one of the panellists for the job, they look for quality people who can be employed without any doubt. Having an active, easy social life, filled with friends and family, projects a healthy relationship with the rest of the world. It also means you are a social individual, a factor that is endorsed by most employers who want to build up their relationship with their employees. It has been noted, employers select those employees more, those comes from happy families and are quite active on different social networking sites. They find that this kind of attitude is good for the entire organization, to have a rounded personality. Employers also prefer people who are stable, and their testimonials claim the stability quite pointedly while doing a people search.

If you are an employee, then you should have a social profile, where you can be seen spending time with people of different age groups when someone does a people search of you. It is always a good thing for the employer to see you around different social activities, so if you write a blog, or do some kind of popular social activity, make sure they are linked to your profile. So, when people search turns up data for you, these things get included in it.

On the other hand, if you are doing something which is not too great for your reputation, it is best you keep it off the net. A picture of you in some form of lewdness might not go down too well with your employer. Keeping in mind, that people search brings up images and words, which might vilify you, make sure you know about the things people say about you. That way, even if you have some kind of content on you, that might vilify you, you can come up with a rebuttal.