The Best Public Records for Your Genealogy Research

It is natural to want to find out who your ancestors were and where they came from. This is now easier than ever before as you can access public records on the web. Take a look at some of the most valuable ones for genealogists and people who want to expand their family tree as a hobby.
Birth and Marriage Records
These public records are valuable because they contain the names of the parents. In birth certificates, you will find the names of the mother and the father of the child. This is how you can easily trace your bloodline before your grandparents and their parents. You can also find cousins whom you barely remember or haven’t met at all.
Marriage certificates are usually even more useful for genealogy research. This is because the older ones, in particular, contain the maiden name of the bride and the names of the parents of both the bride and groom. With these documents, you practically hit two birds with one stone as you can trace both sides of each family.
When you plan to use both types of vital public records, you should begin with the most recent birth ones and then use the names which you come across to find marriage licenses and certificates. This is a simple tactic which you can apply to get a great amount of information quickly. Still, you are free to organize your search in any way you like.
Census and Immigration Records
These public records help you to track the movements of your ancestors. If someone has moved in or out of your town, the data will help you to confirm this. With the immigration records, you will have an excellent chance of tracing your ancestors all the way to their country of origin. This will give you the opportunity to dig much deeper down into your ancestry. You should know that these general records are easily accessible online. In most cases, you can search them freely.
Helpful Research Tips
You should come up with a plan for your genealogy research in general and for your search of the public records in particular. It pays off to devote a considerable amount of time to the search as some documents take longer to retrieve. Before you begin, you must organize all the information which is available to you such as the names of more distant relatives. Make sure that you can spell them correctly as this is crucial for the end result. Knowing the years of events is also extremely helpful.

The Ideal Tactic for Searching the Public Records

Most people will need to search the public records at least once in their lifetime. While the internet makes this much easier now than ever before, you should have a clear idea of how to do in the best possible way to save time, effort and possibly money. Here is a set of valuable tips for building and implementing the ideal search tactic.
Identify the Source Accurately
The primary question to answer before starting your search is where the event which you need a record for has taken place. This is essential for identifying the local authority that keeps it. If you cannot determine the county where the event has occurred, you can search the public records of the state, but this will naturally take longer and will most certainly be more expensive too. You should also get a clear idea of which one of the local institutions has your information. Usually, this is either the court or the county clerk’s office.
Use as Much Information as Possible
Searching the public records is not like searching the web. It’s not a good idea to use just the name of the person who the record is for. The greater the input, the better and quicker the results will be. It is best if you know the number of the document or file. When it comes to court records, for example, you will have to use the case number.
You should also learn the names of as many of the people mentioned in the document as possible. If you need a marriage or divorce certificate, you should know the names of the couple. In the first case, the name of the witnesses or the couple’s parents could also be helpful. In the second one, you will benefit from knowing the names of the children of the couple, if they have any. The date or at least the year of the event is another factor which could help you get more accurate search results more quickly.
Estimate the Timeframe and Budget
As explained earlier, the timeframe is determined primarily by the amount of input information and by its accuracy too. In general, you should always allow sufficient time for the search to be completed, especially when the document which you need is very old and is highly unlikely for it to have been recoded digitally. When it comes to the budget, you will have to pay fees for the search and for the document’s copy. Again, a larger amount of input information will help you to keep the cost down.
Plan your search of the public records well in advance.

Should You Do People Search via the Social Networks?

Statistics show that over 50% of all internet users use actively at least one of the popular social networks. Facebook still enjoys the greatest popularity with Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest following close behind. Given that there are so many people who have profiles on these networks, it is natural to ask yourself whether you should use them to do people search. Find out how this can be done and consider the benefits and drawbacks of this option.

How It Works

The purpose of the social networks is to help you keep in touch with as many people as possible. That is why people search is one of their main functions. You can search for people based on name, email address, location and even the company which they work for. These are just some of the main search options.

In order to perform the search via the respective network, you are required to have a profile in it. The profile gives you the opportunity to contact the person directly as well. Still, there is another method for people search that you can use as well. You can type the name of the person in the search bar of one of the search engines and their profile or profiles will appear in the search results. If they are public, you will be able to view them without signing up with the respective network or networks.


The benefits of performing people search via the social networks are:

– Fast results – The person’s profile will be generated in seconds.

– Access to plenty of details – You can learn about the person’s family, friends, job, interests, hobbies and more.

– Up-to-date information – Most people update their profiles on a daily basis so you can be certain that the details which you find are relevant. This is quite valuable when it comes to contact details, marital status and employment.

– You can contact the person straight away via the social network – There is no need to write them an email or give them a call.


The drawbacks of this search option are:

– There is a good chance that the person, who you are looking for, does not have a social network profile – That way, the search will be useless. You should know that many people have deleted their accounts due to privacy issues.

– Your search might produce inaccurate results – The chance of this is high if the name is commonly found and if the profile that you have found does not have the person’s picture for verification of their identity.

– You may come across a fake profile – This is possible if you are searching for someone who you have met online and who tries to swindle you.

You can now decide whether to do people search via the social networks.

How to Search the Public Records Successfully

You want to find valuable information about a person or people from the public records. For this, you have to know how to search them. The technical tasks involved in the search are not difficult to understand and to perform. However, in order for you to get the best results, you need to use an effective strategy. Learn how to develop it.
The Right Sources
You need to figure out what kinds of public records you need to include in your search. This will depend on the goals which you have set for yourself. If you want to learn more about your ancestors, you should focus on the birth, death, marriage and divorce records. If you perform a background check on someone who is about to become part of your family, you should focus on the all of these records plus the criminal ones.
It pays off to search both local, regional and national records. The problem comes from the fact that the larger the territory covered by the database is, the more basic the information is. Often, there are national indexes which contain the most important details and point where the full record can be found. You have to decide on the depth of the information which you require in order to define the scope of the search.
Search Details
When you want to get information on a person from the public records, you have to use at least his first name and last name to perform a search. The use of her middle name will help you to narrow down the search immensely. You will also benefit from including the birth date and birth place of the person.
Generally, it is a good idea to check the search form for the respective database in advance in order to get an idea what kind of details you need to enter. Try to provide as many of them as possible. Just make sure that you do not use information whose accuracy you doubt for conducting the search.
Once you find the information which you have been looking for, you have to extract it without making errors or losing details. It is important to keep everything well organized. This will enable you to use the details which you have already found for gaining more and more valuable ones.
Finally, if you encounter any difficulties during the search of the public records, you should not hesitate to ask the people responsible for compiling and maintaining them to help you out.

Going About The Public Records

Public records as the name suggests are official information documents that are out there with basic information about the individuals. The additional fact about these sorts of documents is that people have access to them without any hindrance. Given that these documents which have been made public can be attained by anyone who wants to use them for any legal matter or for the sake of information. There is no private information that is in there, only the one that is concerned with legal stuff and that is why it is not considered with the privacy issue of the individuals.

Given that it is clear that the public records are out there for the use in case someone needs them, the other important thing that one needs to keep in mind is that of the source of these records. Since the introduction of technology in the maintaining of such records the sources that can provide this information are numerous. In such a situation it is important to look around for the most authentic source to get the information from.

When it comes to websites that carry the public records it is important that you check that site which is known for given the best information. A bit of looking into the word of mouth circles is going to show you as to which websites are most used for this purpose and as a result which ones are going to serve you the best. These records are mostly handled in an area wise manner, unless the category of the record is such that it requires that the public records be managed at the federal level. Therefore, the local preference of the source of this information is going to serve you the best in this regard.

After the source of the information has been decided upon, there are going to be cases where the situation is going to require that you do some further research to make sure that the information that is being given is not too basic or that it is not giving the whole picture of the situation. The public records are just going to carry the facts that are out there for stating in the open and they are going to be to the point and brief. The reputation and the future of a person are dependant on this so at times it is good to go for some detailed analysis.

Lookout for secured path of any information on death records

It is always important for a person to obtain records and information about a person who has passed away recently or many years ago. There are many different reasons why a person may require such information after a long time of gap. Some reasons may also turn out to be professional. Under such situations the only place they can obtain all the necessary information about the persons who are expired is at social security administration under death records.
Department of health and social security administration would keep a track record on citizens and have complete details about them. Right from their date of birth to their date of death, they carry all the necessary information which helps them to keep a track record. This particular information may be useful to them in later stages or may be useful to the family members of the deceased person. This information also provides help to many of the companies when a claim is registered for a particular person. That is to say, there are many situations in which death records are very useful and necessary.
Now in order to obtain information from death records, the only way through which you can obtain the information that you are looking out for is by approaching the concerned authority that will help you provide the required information. The general process requires you to fill up a requisition form providing complete details about yourself along with the information about your relationship with the deceased person. You have to understand and important fact that information will only be provided to family members of the deceased person since strange people have no rights to access these records in case there are personal and private information. There is a particular stipulated time period within which the family members often approach the administration in order to collect complete information before the records are made public. Once the persons death records are made public any person can access to the information and collect necessary details which may find interest among different citizens.
There are even websites available over the Internet which claims to provide you accurate information from death records. If you’re looking out for such websites you should be very careful because none of the information is provided freely and you’re required to make the payment according to the websites reputation in the accurate information it provides. You may be charged for a quite amount of money for the service. It is always best to approach concerned authorities in order to obtain complete information that you’re looking out for a particular person. There are even paid websites available which may provide you the information that you’re looking out for. Since there are more than one way for you to carry out a death records search, you should be careful in choosing a reliable and secured path so that you would waste both time and money.

Websites to provide information on death records

If you are looking out for information regarding a person who has expired then the only place where you can obtain complete information’s from the department of health or social security administration where they keep complete track record for a person right from his birth records. Hence, you are requested to approach the concerned authority to understand the complete procedure which will enable you to obtain the information that you wish to collect about that particular person. Usually, the information will only be provided to family members of the deceased since some information is confidential and are sealed to the general public. Hence, it is utmost important that you look out for information which is related to your own family member.

There are even other ways through which you can obtain information about the deceased persons. Many websites now offer you with the information which they claim are accurate as they update the information right from the death records maintained by government. Though some charge a small amount of fee, there are many other websites which provide you the records for free. But, you are advised to understand the real fact behind such websites which claim to offer you free information from death records of a person in order to avoid being cheated by such websites.

Usually, the websites which claim that they will provide you the required information regarding a particular person for free have many products advertised on their website. You are requested to first make a purchase of any of the product which will then entitle you to the free information procedure. When you make such a step, you are obviously making a higher payment then the required amount which usually a paid website will charge for you. Hence, you are requested to approach a well reputed paid website which though charges you a small amount of money as fee, they will provide you accurate information as they keep on updating information from the database of the government. All the death records which are provided on these websites usually are the records which are made public by the government. For the information that is sealed by the concerned department, these web-sites will also fail to get them for the public. If you are looking for information which is not contained in these websites you are then required to approach department of health or social security administration which will provide you the information that you are seeking. You should keep in mind that all the information from the administration is only provided to members of the family related to the deceased person. Keep in mind this particular fact which will help you pave the right path for your information. If you do have needs for death records, the best way is to go to the concerned department, such as department of health or social security administration, then you could start your search about information of your expired family member.

The Art Of Public records And Its Importance

It is very important to understand in detail about public records, the information present in it and private information. Personal and confidential information is considered to the private. Information such as Social Security number, date of birth and financial information falls under this category. Speaking about a business under this category, they contain and patented formula, design or processors, a business practice etc. But, there is a chance that the private information is made available to the public. This situation involves collecting information in a legal procedural way.

Public records are considered to be government records. Real estate records, court records, intellectual property filings and business records fall under this category. The entire information is available through legitimate processes. With hundreds of government databases containing these records exist in the virtual world, plenty of resources have evolved to cash in the demand for retrieval of information. As there are many players available in this field, there is a chance that a mixed content of both a public information and private information be obtained. A pre-contract with a particular vendor is advised for retrieval of information from these records.

A business organization can easily find out plenty of information about the locality. The prevailing market rate of the land, clientele base, customer ratio, overall population and demographical factors are the most preferred choice of information for an organization. They can implement the search over the Internet with their own team or opt for a service that offers complete details using public records. A grip on advanced syntax programming will speed up the process of search and find accurate information. This process can be implemented by business organization as they require complete information about the region to expand their business.

The Art of public records is a time taking process and requires commitment from the individual. The basic step in the process is to understand the requirement. Depending on this, one will have to expand their horizons to master every search criteria which can be implemented to possess information from the records which are made public. Marriage records, vehicle records, court records, taxation records and sexual harassment conviction records are the most searched files by individuals. Court records and taxation records help a business as well as an individual to retrieve information as part of a background check. A background check can also be carried out on a person or on a property.

Know More People with People Search

So you have just moved back to the town you once grew up in, and everything looks so different! You cannot recognize half the people you used to know and the rest are people who you do not know or cannot relate to. Such a pity, you cannot go and find out like-minded people who would be able to share your hobbies and likes. But wait! With advanced people search facilities, now search out local people who will be able to share your thoughts, and you would get exactly what you are looking for. To find these people, all you need to do is to go into any social networking site, put up your profile, delineate your likes and dislikes, and add a few friends.

Wait, it cannot be that simple to make friends!

Surprisingly, it is. If you have checked out facilities like advanced people search, then you would be surprised to know just how many people have the ability to connect via similar likes. For example, when you are playing a game on a social networking site, and you need help from friends, a people search with common gaming needs can give you helpers who would finish off your game in no time. You would be touched and surprised at the kindness of people who can help you in times of need. By joining a group which supports your cause, like animal rights, and such other groups, you can actively or passively support a cause. At the same time, you can stay informed about group activities happening around you. You can also participate in them, by going to the group event and making and RSVP beforehand.

You can also do a people search about people you want to be involved with, as well as people who you like. Before adding someone randomly on a social networking site, it is always a good idea to do a search of his or her background and interests, and have a good idea about what the person is like. It is also a good idea to know whether he or she is interested or not. If the individual is married, and quite committed to the relationship, then a proposition might result in you getting blocked and reported abuse upon. So do make good use of the people search facility and get your homework done before you hit any popular networking zone in the future.

Benefits from the death records

You now have the opportunity to collect information from death records. The records contain complete information about a person’s life. Right from the day of birth, marriage celebrations, legal proceedings, insurance papers, driving license, account numbers and investment carried out by the deceased person. There are many reasons why such information may be helpful for citizens after a person has expired for so many years. Most of the information is available online in order to provide convenience for people who are looking out for information about a person.

There are many different ways through which one can obtain complete information from the death records of a particular person. Usually Department of Health and Social Security administration contains all the track records of the person which provides them the opportunity track down a person’s life easily. If you’re willing to obtain information about a person who is not your little you’re then required to make a search in the public records put forth by the government. Few files from the records are not made public as they can contain confidential matter which can be shared only with people belonging to respected family. That is to say, some of the death records could only be viewed by relatives since this part of records may involve some confidential facts that are not open to public. Thus in order to obtain information on such bases the person who claims for information must be in relation to the deceased person.
The reports also provide information for many corporations and organizations. Present the researchers are now looking out for genetically engineering to understand the growth of human body and find out the cause of the diseases. Under such research activities the lookout for different kinds of deaths that happened due to various diseases. For such an organization it requires that they have complete information about the person which is only accessible from death records. Apart from only mentioning the date of death, these records contain the complete history of the person including his health profile.

There are many websites present over the Internet which provides the opportunity for many people to collect information by searching over the public records available from the government. All the websites are categorized and provide an easy search oriented optimization. All the files present in the directory are arranged according to alphabetical order or can also be searched according to the name of the person. Hence, if you’re looking out for information about a particular person you can either visit any one of the websites or approach directly the Department of Health or Social Security administration. From the above, you may see that there are really many places that will need death records and thus it is do important for people to make a death records search in order to get to know various aspects of information about the deceased person.