How to Prevent your Social Security Numbers From Being Stolen

Social security numbers happen to be a unique identification that would help authorities identify a particular person. Every person owns his or her unique social security number. These numbers were formulated and issued with the sole purpose of providing security to the citizens of a country. However, over the past few years, the advancement in technology has not only been a boon to us but also a curse, since many people’s social security numbers were stolen and so was their unique identity. Such an identity theft has left many people absolutely vulnerable and many were even suspected for crimes that they in fact did not commit.

Given the fact that identity theft is rampant and constantly on the rise in our current society, this particular threat seems to be taking the country in a vice-like grip. Though social security numbers are supposed to provide security to the citizens, they can be misused if you let everyone and anyone know about it. For the sake of protecting your identity, you would have to first learn how best you can prevent social security numbers from being stolen.

The usual thing that we tend to do when a particular set of documents are not needed anymore is to just throw them away in the trash. If someone was jobless enough to search for a treasure in that trash, then the official documents that contain your social security numbers surely can be the treasure that he was looking for. It would be in your best interest if you can take the time to shred every official document before you throw them in the trash to check whether these documents contain your personal information such as your social security number. Though this particular scenario of losing your social number to someone via trash sounds like a cheesy Hollywood movie, it sure can become true in real life as well. Hence, make it a point to shred all documents when they are not needed.

If you are looking for a simpler way to protect the documents that contain social security numbers, then make it a point to have them locked up somewhere. These documents are sensitive enough to put you in grave danger if lost. Hence, carrying them around in your wallet does not really cut it as a safe keeping measure due to the fact that your wallet may also be stolen!

Now all that you would have to do is ensure that you shred all documents that have social security numbers and do not carry documents on your person, unless it is badly needed. In order to prevent your social security number from being stolen by someone to commit some crimes, you should just be extremely careful to protect it.