The Best Public Records for Your Genealogy Research

It is natural to want to find out who your ancestors were and where they came from. This is now easier than ever before as you can access public records on the web. Take a look at some of the most valuable ones for genealogists and people who want to expand their family tree as a hobby.
Birth and Marriage Records
These public records are valuable because they contain the names of the parents. In birth certificates, you will find the names of the mother and the father of the child. This is how you can easily trace your bloodline before your grandparents and their parents. You can also find cousins whom you barely remember or haven’t met at all.
Marriage certificates are usually even more useful for genealogy research. This is because the older ones, in particular, contain the maiden name of the bride and the names of the parents of both the bride and groom. With these documents, you practically hit two birds with one stone as you can trace both sides of each family.
When you plan to use both types of vital public records, you should begin with the most recent birth ones and then use the names which you come across to find marriage licenses and certificates. This is a simple tactic which you can apply to get a great amount of information quickly. Still, you are free to organize your search in any way you like.
Census and Immigration Records
These public records help you to track the movements of your ancestors. If someone has moved in or out of your town, the data will help you to confirm this. With the immigration records, you will have an excellent chance of tracing your ancestors all the way to their country of origin. This will give you the opportunity to dig much deeper down into your ancestry. You should know that these general records are easily accessible online. In most cases, you can search them freely.
Helpful Research Tips
You should come up with a plan for your genealogy research in general and for your search of the public records in particular. It pays off to devote a considerable amount of time to the search as some documents take longer to retrieve. Before you begin, you must organize all the information which is available to you such as the names of more distant relatives. Make sure that you can spell them correctly as this is crucial for the end result. Knowing the years of events is also extremely helpful.

Top Tools and Sources for Online People Search

Everyone’s online these days and it is possible to trace even people who are not active on the web or have deleted any profiles that you knew about. Where do you start your people search from, then? Check out the types of tools and sources which you can use to get the results which you are hoping for quickly.
Search Engines and Social Networks
The search engines like Google have become extremely powerful and can give you practically all the information about a person which is available on the web. For example, the conventional people search databases don’t typically have cell phone numbers because they are generally not subject to automatic disclosure like landline numbers and usually remain private. However, if the person who you want to find has posted their cell phone number voluntarily on the web, you will find this place in seconds just by pasting their number in the search bar.
It is equally easy to search any social network for a person. You just have to enter the details which you know about them in the search box. Make sure that you take advantage of the type of information which people would most likely share on the specific type of social network. People are more likely to share information about their family on Facebook and about their education on LinkedIn.
Specialized Websites and Search Engines
The sites feature detailed and up-to-date databases with publicly available information which you can search directly. It is easy to tell the legitimate ones. The specialized engines for people search work in pretty much the same way, but they can typically retrieve information from the entire web and not only from a single source. Whether you are using a specialized website or tool remember to follow the instructions and recommendations of the service provider to ensure that you will get what you need fast.
Public Records of Different Types
You can readily use census records to find the location of a person that you have lost track of. Similarly, if you know that this person has got married in a particular location, you can request a copy of the marriage certificate to obtain more details about him or her. Divorce records are even more detailed as they usually include the names of the former spouses and of their children too.
Finally, no matter which tools and sources you plan to use for people search, you should never enter sensitive private information such as the person’s social security number.

Tips on Choosing a Background Check Service

The easiest and most effective way to run a background check is to use a specialized service. There are plenty of those available online and this may make your choice somewhat difficult. Take advantage of the tips shared below to ensure that you will be using the ideal service for you.
Focus on Getting the Best Value for Money
You must confirm that the background check service is legitimate before anything else. Take a look at the company’s accreditation and official ratings. You have to be absolutely certain that you will rely on the right people for making important business and personal decisions such as hiring a home employee. If you need the check to include a very specific field such as the verification of medical licenses, you must ensure that the service provider is specialized in this.
Just like with any other type of service, you would want to get the best value for money. It is simply not worth risking by going for the cheapest option which may fail your expectations eventually. That is why you should compare the different background check services on both quality and price simultaneously. The quality depends primarily on how comprehensive each check is and how reliable the sources are. While public records are accessible to everyone, you may want to look more closely at verification processes such as those covering education and previous employment to ensure that they are completely dependable.
Search Times Matter
The ideal background check is not only accurate and comprehensive, but quick also. While the search time should not interfere with quality, you would not want to wait for too long to obtain the information which you require about a job or tenancy applicant because you may actually end up losing that person to another employer or landlord. When evaluating the search times of different service providers take a look at as many independent sources as possible, including user reviews.
Evaluating Report Readability
People often tend to consider this factor to be unimportant, but it is actually crucial for making the final decision regarding the person being checked. If you can’t understand part of all of the provided information because it is vague or confusing, you will have wasted time and money. Again, you should rely on information from previous and existing customers and independent evaluations to determine the quality of the background check reports which each service provides.
Last, but not least, you should not forget to pay attention to the customer service which you will receive with each company.

Who Can Run a Background Check on You?

It is normal for people to worry that a background check performed on them can reveal sensitive information and put them in an awkward position. That is why practically everyone wants to know who can check them. Get the detailed answer here.
People Who Receive Your Consent
Most state laws are clear that organizations and individuals can perform a background check on you after they obtain your permission, which you typically have to give them in writing. Sometimes, you may have to provide consent to the different parts of the check separately. In general, the organizations and people who run such checks include employers, landlords, banks and other financial institutions. In the employer category, you will find not only companies, but also government agencies and people who are hiring house help.
It is worth noting that a background check is becoming an ever more common part of the recruitment process in practically all industries. This is because these checks are faster and cheaper now than ever before and because even small businesses don’t want to take risk which they can eliminate early on.
Given all this, you should not feel personally offended if you are asked to give your consent to such a check. However, in case you feel it is too interfering into your personal life, you can say no and walk away. Still, to avoid ruining your chances of getting a job or the rental property that you want, your best bet is to check what the legal requirements for a background check are in your state and county. Additionally, there are opportunities for tracking the check run on you and you can readily take advantage of them.
Tracking a Background Check Run on You
The services, which give people this option, are growing in number. When you have signed up for such a service, you will receive an alert when a person or organization initiates a background check on you. When the check uncovers information, which could be a cause for concern, you will be alerted about it and given the chance to explain the situation and the circumstances which have led to it. In case it is an error, you will be able to clear it. Such services are fair to both the people who run the check and to those who are checked.
Overall, you should always be honest when applying for a job, tenancy or loan. If you know that something not so pleasant may come up during the background check, share it with the person who will run it and explain your side of the story.

The Ideal Tactic for Searching the Public Records

Most people will need to search the public records at least once in their lifetime. While the internet makes this much easier now than ever before, you should have a clear idea of how to do in the best possible way to save time, effort and possibly money. Here is a set of valuable tips for building and implementing the ideal search tactic.
Identify the Source Accurately
The primary question to answer before starting your search is where the event which you need a record for has taken place. This is essential for identifying the local authority that keeps it. If you cannot determine the county where the event has occurred, you can search the public records of the state, but this will naturally take longer and will most certainly be more expensive too. You should also get a clear idea of which one of the local institutions has your information. Usually, this is either the court or the county clerk’s office.
Use as Much Information as Possible
Searching the public records is not like searching the web. It’s not a good idea to use just the name of the person who the record is for. The greater the input, the better and quicker the results will be. It is best if you know the number of the document or file. When it comes to court records, for example, you will have to use the case number.
You should also learn the names of as many of the people mentioned in the document as possible. If you need a marriage or divorce certificate, you should know the names of the couple. In the first case, the name of the witnesses or the couple’s parents could also be helpful. In the second one, you will benefit from knowing the names of the children of the couple, if they have any. The date or at least the year of the event is another factor which could help you get more accurate search results more quickly.
Estimate the Timeframe and Budget
As explained earlier, the timeframe is determined primarily by the amount of input information and by its accuracy too. In general, you should always allow sufficient time for the search to be completed, especially when the document which you need is very old and is highly unlikely for it to have been recoded digitally. When it comes to the budget, you will have to pay fees for the search and for the document’s copy. Again, a larger amount of input information will help you to keep the cost down.
Plan your search of the public records well in advance.


It is very important to keep ourselves safe and secure. Many things are included in our safety such as the people we are surrounded by being genuine or not is the most important part of our safety. To know about someone’s history we can take help of many things and one of them are court records, as they are a great source of information about a person.

Court records consist of a large amount of information not only about the hearings in the proceedings in fact all the necessary information such as client’s names to their addresses, their ages, property ownerships, attorneys and more from which you can get to know a lot about the person you want to know. These records contain every piece of information with the help of which you can come to know about the necessary information you should know about the person you are involved with. Court records include the criminal records as well as marriage and divorce records, property dispute and their distribution records etc.

In earlier days it was not so easy to get access to the court records as there are different levels of courts which are federal, state, country and locally, so you have to make a proper research on the information related to the case history. But now it is pretty easy by the help of internet as when you have done the research you can order these records online on the sites given by the respective courts having those records. These records are very important and helpful even when a case is brought against your relative or a friend. By the help of these records you can reveal the true facts and figures of the case. They also help you to get to know the history of your fiancé or the person you are getting involved with.

As like the past years, now you don’t have to go and waste your time in the courts and government offices where the court records are held to get the records and information. One can simply go online on the internet and can order the records he/she wants. So now with a little effort you can keep yourself and your friends and family safe as no one wants to put themselves in danger. These records can help you in many ways so whenever you doubt someone or your friends get in trouble you can take the advantage of these records.

Should You Do People Search via the Social Networks?

Statistics show that over 50% of all internet users use actively at least one of the popular social networks. Facebook still enjoys the greatest popularity with Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest following close behind. Given that there are so many people who have profiles on these networks, it is natural to ask yourself whether you should use them to do people search. Find out how this can be done and consider the benefits and drawbacks of this option.

How It Works

The purpose of the social networks is to help you keep in touch with as many people as possible. That is why people search is one of their main functions. You can search for people based on name, email address, location and even the company which they work for. These are just some of the main search options.

In order to perform the search via the respective network, you are required to have a profile in it. The profile gives you the opportunity to contact the person directly as well. Still, there is another method for people search that you can use as well. You can type the name of the person in the search bar of one of the search engines and their profile or profiles will appear in the search results. If they are public, you will be able to view them without signing up with the respective network or networks.


The benefits of performing people search via the social networks are:

– Fast results – The person’s profile will be generated in seconds.

– Access to plenty of details – You can learn about the person’s family, friends, job, interests, hobbies and more.

– Up-to-date information – Most people update their profiles on a daily basis so you can be certain that the details which you find are relevant. This is quite valuable when it comes to contact details, marital status and employment.

– You can contact the person straight away via the social network – There is no need to write them an email or give them a call.


The drawbacks of this search option are:

– There is a good chance that the person, who you are looking for, does not have a social network profile – That way, the search will be useless. You should know that many people have deleted their accounts due to privacy issues.

– Your search might produce inaccurate results – The chance of this is high if the name is commonly found and if the profile that you have found does not have the person’s picture for verification of their identity.

– You may come across a fake profile – This is possible if you are searching for someone who you have met online and who tries to swindle you.

You can now decide whether to do people search via the social networks.

What Kind of Information Can You Get with People Search?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you no longer have to visit different places and go through endless paper directories to conduct people search. You can do all the work online in hours and even minutes rather than in days. One of the main questions which you are naturally asking yourself is how effective and thorough the online search will be. Find out more about the details which you can expect to discover.
Personal Information
When you search the special databases which are based on telephone directories and other sources, you can find the telephone number and address of a person if you have his name. Other details such as email address may also pop up. You just have to keep in mind that some people refuse to have their contact details included in such directories. It is also important that you check how often the respective database for people search is updated.
The public records, which are the most reliable sources available, provide personal details such as birth date, address, spouse name and children’s names. Keep in mind that all the information is correct at the time of entry of the respective documents into the record. There may be changes afterwards.
The social networks are great sources of up-to-date personal details from location and employer to family members, friends, pets and interests. You just need to watch out for fake profiles. Additionally, you will have to approach the person directly unless the profile is public and can be seen by everyone.
Professional Information
With a simple online people search, you can find plenty of professional information on virtually anyone. This is because most business professionals nowadays use the web for communicating with clients and for attracting new ones. You can find their contact details plus their position and company with a simple traditional web search.
The social networks which are designed especially for connecting professionals are excellent sources of professional information as well. The typical individual profile contains a lot more details than the traditional corporate website. You will find information on the person’s educational background and past employment. The education details can be particularly useful for confirming that this is the person that you are looking for when there is no picture available. Again, you should be careful about fake profiles which can be quite misleading.
Overall, you can get plenty of personal and professional information via online people search. It is important to compare the details from different sources to confirm that they are really accurate.

How to Search the Public Records Successfully

You want to find valuable information about a person or people from the public records. For this, you have to know how to search them. The technical tasks involved in the search are not difficult to understand and to perform. However, in order for you to get the best results, you need to use an effective strategy. Learn how to develop it.
The Right Sources
You need to figure out what kinds of public records you need to include in your search. This will depend on the goals which you have set for yourself. If you want to learn more about your ancestors, you should focus on the birth, death, marriage and divorce records. If you perform a background check on someone who is about to become part of your family, you should focus on the all of these records plus the criminal ones.
It pays off to search both local, regional and national records. The problem comes from the fact that the larger the territory covered by the database is, the more basic the information is. Often, there are national indexes which contain the most important details and point where the full record can be found. You have to decide on the depth of the information which you require in order to define the scope of the search.
Search Details
When you want to get information on a person from the public records, you have to use at least his first name and last name to perform a search. The use of her middle name will help you to narrow down the search immensely. You will also benefit from including the birth date and birth place of the person.
Generally, it is a good idea to check the search form for the respective database in advance in order to get an idea what kind of details you need to enter. Try to provide as many of them as possible. Just make sure that you do not use information whose accuracy you doubt for conducting the search.
Once you find the information which you have been looking for, you have to extract it without making errors or losing details. It is important to keep everything well organized. This will enable you to use the details which you have already found for gaining more and more valuable ones.
Finally, if you encounter any difficulties during the search of the public records, you should not hesitate to ask the people responsible for compiling and maintaining them to help you out.

Two Easy Ways to Search for Criminal Court records Easily

If you wish to conduct a background check on a person, before you have any kind of a personal or professional contact, then criminal court records can give you the answer that you are looking for easily. Such court records would have information about a person’s past with regards to any convicted criminal offense and such information can definitely come in very handy to protect your life, your property and most importantly protect the life of yourself as well as your loved ones.
Such court records are now being made available to the public as long as there is a guarantee that the requested information would not be used for any illegal purposes or for an act that could endanger another person’s life. Hence, if you wish to gain access to such court records to protect yourself or any of your interests, then it is perfectly accepted in a court of law. However, if the reason behind procuring such information is intended to defame someone or threaten the life of someone, then you cannot get access to such information. Thus, it often would involve an application form for the person who wishes to access the information to fill in, and the person needs to state a proper reason for this.
Though these court records are pubic property, it does not mean that you are going to be able to access them that very easily. In many cases, they become absolutely difficult to locate since they are not just stored in one particular place. Since there is a possibility that a person can come from a different state or a country, having to locate the criminal court records from each of these states and countries can be absolutely daunting. And this process would be quite time-consuming.
The best source to get information from all places would be a private investigator. Such investigators live true to their reputation and get you the necessary information from any nook and cranny of this world. This particular option is definitely legal and less time consuming. However, it can prove to be a lot more expensive than what you expect it to be.
The second best alternative that people could choose would be the internet. There are a lot of legal websites which have a compilation of all the criminal court records from within the country. These sites charge a fee that is nominal and it is made available at a fraction of the cost of a private investigator. With an increased fee and with few more days, you can actually get information from around the world on such websites too. So both the two ways are quite easy for you to get criminal court records of another person, you could choose one and go ahead with it.